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A thriving town full of unique and vibrant amenities


There has always been a belief that only big cities provide entertainment for their residents. However, Skaneateles throws this myth overboard. Onondaga County's crown jewel shines bright when it comes to entertainment. From outdoor activities to events on the lake to relaxing inn retreats, Skaneateles has absolutely everything to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for its residents and visitors.


Whether you're a fan of sports, boats, history, or wine, Skaneateles has a special place for everyone. The word "boredom" does not exist in the Skaneateles dictionary; here, every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. It is not surprising that more people turn their heads to look at this beautiful town every year.



What to Love

  • A warm, family-friendly community
  • An exclusive village with an endearing atmosphere
  • Widely recognized world-class spas
  • The second cleanest lake in the entire USA

Local Lifestyle

Skaneateles residents have a wide variety of amenities for their enjoyment. From restaurants to boutiques to recreational sailing venues: this town has an option for every taste, so fun is guaranteed. Skaneateles also has two of the best inns in the entire state, the Mirbeau and the Sherwood Inn, both of which have an excellent reputation for their high-quality services, providing an experience of relaxation and comfort impossible to match.


At Skaneateles, people have a lot of fun but also work hard and study harder. So, it's no wonder that Skaneateles boasts an award-winning school district and an excellent rating among county schools. The wine industry is booming, and in recent years, it has become very important in Skaneateles; like the distilling industry, they take advantage of the fertile soils of the prosperous lands of Skaneateles to cultivate the best ingredients produced locally, giving their respective products a unique touch.



Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

For an experience of relaxation and luxury, nothing better than a weekend retreat at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa. This world-class spa/resort is the ideal place to escape the routine and stress of everyday life and relax. Here you can disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the magnificent facilities of the Mirbeau; the only thing that will worry you is the time of your next massage.


If delicious food is your thing, Moro's is an ideal place for you to enjoy a magnificent evening. This restaurant at 28 Jordan Street specializes in modern American food, with a varied menu that offers succulent options to satisfy the most demanding palates. At Moro's, the atmosphere is as good as the food, making it the meeting point to enjoy an unforgettable evening.


If you want to give your wardrobe a chic touch and catch up with the season's latest trends, Emma + James Boutique is a must. Here you will find clothes and accessories specially selected to keep up with the trendiest of the season — a perfect place for a shopping getaway and updating your wardrobe.



Things To Do

If you want to get in touch with nature and enter a location of priceless natural beauty, Bahar Preserve is just that. You can do some things at this preserve: dozens of hiking trails, visiting Carpenter Falls and enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience. With an immersive environment that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale, Bahar Preserve is one of Skaneateles' most famous natural attractions.

Skaneateles Lake is the quintessential destination for residents and visitors alike. It is not just about its clean and majestic waters, astonishing landscapes, or convenient location. The lake and its surroundings host dozens of events and festivals year-round, so there is always something fun to do on the lake. Mid-Lake Cruises or even the Skaneateles Antique and Classic Boat Show, you have different options; best of all, both guarantee you a great time.



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